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About Us

Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus

The Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus is designed to offer a "menu of opportunities" to meet the educational needs of every student. We offer alternative education schools, an early college high school, career pathways, online education, credit acceleration, night classes, adult and family education, and additional community supports. The campus is open fourteen hours a day for academic purposes. We are confident you will find a school or program that meets your personal learning style.

Campus Hours

M-Th  7:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus located? We are located in the center of Colorado Springs, in the building which previously housed Wasson High School.

Do the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus schools grant D11 diplomas? Three of the schools on the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus are diploma-granting schools: Achieve Online, The Bijou School, and Odyssey Early College and Career Options (Odyssey ECCO).

How do I enroll at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus? Contact any of our schools or programs for enrollment information and procedures.

If you are interested in the RJWAC Career Pathways program, please ask for the current Career Pathways Course Guide from your school counselor. This guide will provide you with specific course information for each Career Pathways program. Please work with your current school site counselor to enroll in any of the Career Pathway programs at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus.

Can I be enrolled in more than one school or program (dual enrollment)? Yes. Depending on your specific circumstances and needs, you may choose to be enrolled in one of our diploma-granting schools and one of our credit-earning programs (Career Pathways and Digital High School). Many of our students are dual-enrolled.

Is transportation available? Yes, District 11 transportation will service central pick-up and drop-off locations throughout the district to transport Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus students to and from the campus. District 11 transportation will also provide shuttle buses from and to each of the four high schools for each of the Career Pathway blocks. Each school and program will have specific transportation schedules posted on our website at  by August 1 of each school year.

NOTE: Mountain Metro Transit, the Colorado Springs public transit system, also has bus service in close proximity to the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus. Please access their website for the most current routes and schedules.

Do you have a cafeteria? Yes, the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus has a full-service cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. District 11 Food and Nutritional services ensures our cafeteria provides quality and nutritious meals. Each of the RJWAC schools and programs has information for accessing the free and reduced lunch program.

Do you have a Media Center and computer labs? Yes, the Media Center on the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus offers print and e-book resources, computer availability, wireless access for personal devices, and access to online learning courses and databases.

Do you have child care facilities? Yes, the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus has two on-site centers: The Early Learning Center, which provides daycare for the RJWAC teen parents (call 328-2180 for more information) and the Family Literacy Center, which provides children's programming for students enrolled in Family Literacy (call 328-3028 for more information).

Do you have athletic teams? No, the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus does not have athletic teams or individual competitions. Full-time students on the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus can participate in athletics for their boundary zone high school as long they maintain their eligibility. Please contact your boundary zone high school for more information.

Do have clubs and organizations? Yes, each of the schools on the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus has specific clubs to meet the interests of their students.

Is there an opportunity for me to find employment? Yes, we have two resources available at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus:

Career Pathway Internships and Alternative Cooperative Education Program: The Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus offers internships for students enrolled in numerous Career Pathways programs and an Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE) Program which is designed to enhance employment related skills for secondary students. In both programs, students can explore career interests and education goals. Students can earn a maximum of 2 elective credits for 270 documented hours of work, or 1 elective credit for 135 hours of documented work. Job evaluations are done on a quarterly basis regarding the student's progress with their employer. Students are required to have a job and provide their own transportation.

Pikes Peak Workforce Center: PPWFC has a staff member onsite once a week at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus. Students will be able to attend workshops provided by the Pikes Peak Workforce Center and eligible students will be able to enroll in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program. This federally funded program serves youth ages 16-24, who need assistance finding a job, planning or continuing their education or planning a career.