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Area Superintendent



The Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus is deliberately designed to offer a "menu of opportunities" to meet the educational needs of every student. We offer alternative education schools, an early college high school, career pathways, online education, credit acceleration, night school, adult and family education, and additional community supports. The campus is open fourteen hours a day for academic purposes, so I am confident you will find a school or program that meets your personal learning style.

The Enrollment Guide will provide you with information about all of the schools and programs along with the contact information for enrollment. We are a full-service campus, which means we have a cafeteria, media center, computer labs, and quadrant transportation (check our Frequently Asked Questions). We trust we have everything here for you to be a successful student and community member.

If you are interested in a Career Pathways program, please ask for the most current Career Pathways Course Guide. It will provide you with course information and details of the most current Career Pathways available. If you do not attend a Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus school or program, please work with your current school site counselor to enroll in the Career Pathways programs at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus. You are also welcome to contact the Career Pathways Counselor at 328-2053.

The Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus is here to serve you. Please contact any of our schools or programs for more specific information. We look forward to meeting your academic and career needs.

Dr. Scott Mendelberg, Senior Area Superintendent